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Business Scope

一、 Main Businesses

1. Metallurgical engineering consulting, design and EPC

(Engineering, Procurement, Construction)





2. Energy and Environmental Protection

1Comprehensive Treatment of Solid,Liquid,Gas

2Power Generation By Waste Heat

二、Other Businesses

1. Civil Architecture

2.Thermal Power and Urban Heat Supply

3.Engineering Construction Supervision

4.Experimental Study

5.Core Journals

 Mining Engineering Magazine 

Pelletizing Technology Magazine

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Metallurgical Engineering

Metallurgical engineering consulting, design and EPC

NETC takes the engineering design as the leading role and project management as the center to provide whole-process and all directional engineering services including planning, prospecting, consulting, design, procurement, construction and trial run, strictly implements scientific and effective comprehensive management of progress, cost and quality of project and makes best efforts to provide short construction cycle, good quality and cost effective high quality projects for clients. Among 700 metallurgical projects completed or being constructed by NETC, many projects have created miracles inChinaand even in the world.

NETC, one of the earliest contractors involving with overseas projects in this industry, owns the foreign trade right approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic ofChina. NETC has undertaken projects in mining, sintering, pelletizing, etc. inIndia,Iran,Turkey,Indonesia,Australia,Canada,Venezuela,MauritaniaandPeru. AfterChinahas become a WTO member, we are speeding up our moves of “Going Global”. NETC has undertaken many world-class large scale projects successively and established good partnerships with many famous international engineering corporations such as SLI inCanada, GHD, GRD minpro and Worleyparsons In Australia, PSI inAmerica, AMC inAustraliaand FST inIran.



1.Yuanjiacun Iron Ore Mining Project of TISCO

It is China’s largest iron ore open pit project with ore output of 22Mt/a, stripping quantity of 85.8 Mt/a and iron ore concentrates of 7.5Mt/a. Transportation technology of Truck—Semi-mobile crushing—Belt conveyor and the technology of using waste dump for building tailing facility storage dam body were adopted. This project was designed by NETC and was put into production in November 2012.

2.Benxi Dataigou Iron Ore Mining Project

It is so far the world’s largest single body iron ore deposit and the biggest underground iron ore deposit. At present, the indicated resources amounts to 3 billion tons and prospective reserves are over 5 billion tons. Exploration depth has reached over1800m. Phase I design mining scale is 30Mt/a and iron ore concentrates output of 10Mt/a will be achieved after construction; Phase II design mining scale is 6Mt/a. In March 2014, shaft excavation started. NETC undertook the engineering design of mining and ore processing and technical services for this project.

3.Nanfen Iron Ore Mining Project of Benxi Steel Group Corporation

Super large-scale open pit iron ore with adoption of steep slope mining technology, was jointly designed by USSR Leningrad Mining Design Institute and NETC in 1955, which was completed and commissioned in 1957 with mining capacity of 4.7MTPA. NETC designed Phase 2 and Phase 3 expansion project of the mine with capacity of 10MTPA in 1994 and 1996 successively and adjusted the design for the mine twice in 1994 and 1996 successively. At present, Nanfen iron ore is in the transition period of slope expansion mining from Phase 3 to Phase 4, the design capacity of the mine is also increased up to 15MTPA.

4.Yan’qianshan Iron Ore Mining Project of Ansteel

It is the largest open to underground mining project. The original open pit mining scale was 3Mt/a and the scale turned into 8Mt/a in the underground mining stage. In 2012, the hanging wall ore body mining project was put into production and in 2015, deep part ore body mining project will be put into operation. The comprehensive automatic control system of this project adopts advanced control hardware and software technology in the world and leading design concept, it is one of the foundation projects for intelligent mine construction of Ansteel mining industry. After project is implemented, it will become a large size underground ferrous metal mine with highest automation level inChina. NETC undertook the engineering design and technical services for this project.

5.CREC SCM Congo (KINSHASA ZR) Copper-cobalt ore Mining Project

SICOMINES copper-cobalt ore project is a cooperation project operated in the mode of “Resources for Projects” between China and Africa. The mine has reserves of 250 Mt and a poor occurrence condition. The open pit is located in the riverbed and both hydro geological and geotechnical conditions are very complicated, which is very rare in the world. NETC undertakes the project design and has put forward the strategy of “construction and operation by steps and rolling development”. The mining has been divided into two phases in which Phase I construction scope is 4.55Mt/a and Phase II will expand to 9.10Mt/a. Total stripping amount is 118.3 Mt/a. The project is expected to achieve full production of Phase I in 2016.

6.SHOUGANG Macheng Iron Ore Mining and Beneficiation Project

It is the largest mine developed by cut and fill method in China, its iron ore resources reserves is 1225Mt and its construction capacity is 25Mt/a. The geological and hydro geological condition of the project is complicated and the deposit of the project belongs to water enrichment area. The capacity of concentrate with TFe grade of 66% produced in the mineral processing plant is 9.18Mt/a, the process flow is HPGR, wet-style tailings discarding beforehand, stage-grinding and single magnetic separation. The project was constructed in April 2013 and NETC undertook the design and technical service of this project.

7.Dunde Iron Ore Mining and Beneficiation Project of Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel Plant of BAOSTEEL

It is a large-size underground iron mine with maximum altitude in China, the maximum altitude elevation in the mine exceeds4000m. The climatic condition of the mine area is bad, the geotechnical condition is poor and the external transportation condition is complicated. The geological resources of Dunde iron ore reaches to 170Mt, the design capacity is 4.50Mt/a, NETC undertook the design of mining, beneficiation and technical services of the project. Phase I of the project was completed by the end of 2014.

8.SINO Iron Ore Concentrate Beneficiation Project of CITIC Pacific in Australia

The beneficiation design capacity of the project is the largest in the world, the run-of-mine throughput in the design is 84Mt/a and concentrate capacity is 24 Mt/a. The 40×36 feet AG mill and 26×44.5 feet ball mill with largest single machine specification in the world are adopted in the project. The project utilizes BIM technology for the first time to carry out 3-D parametric design, effectively avoiding design error, enhancing product quality and reducing construction cost. In December 2003, the finished product of the project in the first ship departed. NETC has been fully involved with in the project construction on EP( engineering and procurement) basis completely in accordance with Australian Standard.

9.Yuanjiacun Iron Ore Beneficiation Project of TISCO

It is the biggest iron ore beneficiation project in China, which was completed and commissioned in November 2012. The design capacity is 22Mt/a, the design is divided into three series. Yuanjiancun iron ore belongs to micro-fine particles, which are mixed inactive ore of hematite and magnetite hard to be ground and separated. Comminution process of large-size semi-AG mill, ball mill and separation process of LIMS+ HIMS + reverse floatation were adopted in the beneficiation plant. Automatic control level of this project is advanced in the world, thus realizing full automatic control and expertise system control is adopted for grinding classification, floatation beneficiation etc.. NETC undertook the design and technical service of this project.

10.Diaojuntai Beneficiation Project of Ansteel

China's first continuous grinding - LIMS - HIMS - anion reverse flotation hematite beneficiation project, which was also the largest processing capacity concentrator at that time, the designed capacity of run-of-mine is 9MTPA . Three-stage crushing, two-stage continuous grinding, low intensity magnetic separation - wet high intensity magnetic separation - anionic reverse flotation beneficiation process were adopted. At present, the grade of its concentrate has reached up to 67.5%,the iron recovery rate is 75%~78%. The project was completed and commissioned in 1998, NETC undertook the design and technical service of this project.

11.Iron ore concentrates beneficiation project of SHOUGANG Hierro Peru S.A.A.New Area

The iron ore mine of Shougang Hierro Peru S.A.A.(SHP)  is located in east coast of the Pacific, Nasca county, Ica Province in the southeast of Peru. The mineral processing plant of SHP using sea water for mineral processing is few in the world, its capacity is 9Mt/a and the capacity of the new mineral processing plant of SHP is 10Mt/a iron concentrate. In this project, No. 14 and No. 21 mining area will be mainly open pit mined and geological resource reserves of the mining area is about 860Mt. The technological process of HPGR, Ball mill, magnetic separation and flotation separation etc. will be used in the mineral processing plant. NETC undertook the basic design of this project.

12.Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV Iron Ore Project of Sijiaying Iron Mine of HBIS

Sijiaying Iron Mine is the key project developed by SASAC(State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission) and its proven reserves reaches to 2 billion tons. It is praised as the first iron mine inAsia. NETC undertook the design and technical services for 15Mt/a mineral processing project of Phase II( Yanshan Iron Mine), 15Mt/a mineral processing project of Phase III ( Tianxing Iron Mine) and 5Mt/a mining and mineral processing project of Phase IV ( Dajiazhuang Iron Mine ) of Sijiaying Iron Mine.



1.600㎡ Sintering Machine project of Rizhao Steel (Yingkou) Co.

This 600㎡ Sintering Machine has one of the largest single sintering area in China, its daily output can reach 19,000t at maximum. The effective suction width of the sinter machine pallet can reach5.5m, which created a new record inChina. The project was completed and commissioned in December 2013, and only 289 days were spent from starting of construction to commissioning of the project, which created the minimum record of construction period of similar sintering project inChina. NETC has been fully involved in the project construction in EPC( engineering, procurement and construction) mode.

2.The Mixing and Blending Stockyard and 400㎡ Sintering Machine Project of Tiantie Metallurgical Group

It was the first project constructed by NETC on EPC basis with complete proprietary intellectual property rights and with maximum capacity at that time. It can produce 4 Mt/a cold sinter of high alkalinity and was completed and commissioned in Year 2007. The advanced technological process and equipment in the world were adopted in the project, and multiple know-hows of NETC were applied in the project, so its entire equipment can reach the first-rate level in the world.

3.300㎡Sinter Machine Project of ISDEMIR Iron & Steel Plant, Turkey

Up to now, it is the sinter machine project with the largest single line suction area, built by Chinese company at abroad and located in Iskenderun city, Turkey. It was a technical revamping and expansion project of Isdemir Iron & Steel Plant. In June 2011, the project was completed and put into operation. NETC undertook the engineering and technical service of this project.

4.Zhanjiang 5 MTPA Pellet Project of Baosteel

At present, it is a grate machine-rotary kiln pellet production line with proprietary intellectual property right and the largest capacity for a single production line in China, and it is a hematite pellet grate machine and rotary kiln production line with the largest designed capacity worldwide so far. In September 2009, the project was completed and put into operation. NETC undertook engineering, procurement, and construction on EPC (Turn-key project) basis.

5.2×3MTPA Pellet Project of Yangzhou Pacific Port Co., Ltd.

This is the first pellet production line in China with capacity of 3 MTPA , which was constructed in June 2011. In May 2013, the first 3 MTPA oxidized pellet production line was ignited for hot loaded trial run. The daily output can be stabilized at 9000t above. In June 2014, the second production line was completed. NETC undertook the engineering and technical service of the project.

6.Dagushan 2×2.4MTPA Pellet Project of Ansteel

The grate machine and rotary kiln production process and critical equipment were adopted for this project. The overall design capacity is 4.8 MTPA oxidized pellet. The process arrangement is in two parallel production lines, sharing one set of auxiliary facilities. At present, each production line of both the two production lines can achieve 8000t per day output. Every production performance index belongs to first class level among the similar pellet plants inChina. This project was constructed by NETC on EPC basis , and completed and put into operation in January 2007. 

7.Phase I and Phase II Pellet Project of Gongchangling Iron Mine of  Ansteel

This is the first 2.4 MTPA grate machine-rotary kiln pellet production line in China. Phase I and Phase II of the project were completed and put into operation in 2002 and 2003 respectively. NETC participated in Phase I and Phase II construction on EPC basis (turn-key project). Up to now, this project has become the model of grate machine-rotary kiln pellet production line for various Chinese iron and steel enterprises.

8.FMO 3MTPA Pellet Project in Venezuela

The 3 MTPA pellet technology project that MCC Group export overseas first time is also the largest capacity of pellet technology export of MCC Group so far. NETC has been fully involved in the construction of the project on EP (engineering and procurement) basis.

9.2MTPA Straight Grate Pellet Project of Ansteel

This was the largest independently designed straight grate pellet production line in China at that period. The main machine of the pellet project is one 321.6㎡ straight grate. The project was completed and put into operation in 1989. NETC undertook the engineering and technical services of this project.

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Energy and Environmental

NETC is the first metallurgical engineering contractor paying close attention to the development and application of energy-saving and environment protection technologies. Now NETC has successfully developed new technologies and processes regarding energy-saving and environment protection in various metallurgical industries involving sintering flue gas circulation, comprehensive flue gas treatment technique with active coke, high-efficient recovery and utilization of sintering circular cooler waste heat, multifunctional high-efficient circular cooler, integrated and environmental friendly screening system, sintering optimization system and high-efficient sintering dust removal and is capable of providing professional, high-efficient and customized services of energy conservation and emission reduction for iron and steel enterprises.

Comprehensive Treatment of Solid,Liquid,Gas

Flue Gas Circulation Technology

Sintering flue gas circulation technology is developed based on the principle that the partial hot gas is introduced into sintering process again, which is environment friendly sintering technology. This technology can reduce the external emission of sintering gas by 20%~50% depending on the different conditions, which can bring benefit from the two aspects, i.e., the energy saving and emission reduction.

1.450㎡ New Technology Sintering Machine Project of Ningbo Iron & Steel Co., Ltd of Hangzhou Iron & Steel Group Company

It’s the first project that applied flue gas circulation technology to newly built sintering machine in China. This project went into operation in May, 2013 and it was NETC that provided the complete solution of core processes for the project.


2.Technology Upgrading and Renovation Project of No.3, No.4, No.5 Sintering Machine of Shagang Group

The technical innovation project of No.3 sintering machine of Shagang Group was the first project in China that adopted flue gas circulating technology for upgrading and renovation. This project was completed in December 2013 and its emission reduction effect is significant. During 2014 to 2015, No.4 and No.5 sintering machine were rebuilt and put into operation in succession, thus making the flue gas circulating technology more mature and market acceptance increase greatly. It was NETC that provided the complete scheme of core technology of the project.


Comprehensive flue gas treatment technique with active coke

Comprehensive flue gas treatment technique with active coke takes coal based active coke as absorbent to absorb SO? in the removed flue gas. After absorption is completed, the active coke will be regenerated by means of heating method, the high concentration SO? mixed gas after desorption can directly prepare 98% commercial sulfuric acid to realize sulfur resource recovery. At the same time, catalytic function of active coke can be utilized to reduce the NOx in the flue gas into N? and water after appropriate amount of ammonia is added. The denitration efficiency can reach 50%. Besides, the adoption of this technology has better effect for removal of heavy metal, dioxin of flue gas. During the process of purification, no waste water and waste residue are generated, which is the advanced flue gas purification technology to thoroughly solve environmental protection issue of iron and steel industry.


1.Active Coke Flue Gas Purification Project of450 m2Sintering Machine of Lianfeng Iron & Steel Limited Company of Yonggang Group

It’s the first wholly homemade active coke purification device for sintering flue gas in China with complete intellectual property rights, which is capable of removing sulphur, nitration, dioxin, heavy metal and dust at a time with desulphurization efficiency reaching above 98%. This device accords with the current environmental requirement and development trend of sintering flue gas purification technology in the future. This project was undertaken by NETC on EPC basis and was completed and went into operation in April 2015.

Besides, this project matches the flue gas circulation system with active coke flue gas purification system, adopting the thought to reduce the amount at first and control at second, which substantially reduce the handled gas flow rate of active coke flue gas purification system, thus saving in capital cost and operation cost.


The third set of sintering machine active gas purification device with coke flue was a EPC Project accomplished by NETC and was put into operation in July 2016, it can yearly reduce 13,500t sulfur dioxide emissions, 450t dust emissions, 1,500t nitrogen oxides emissions, and can produce 21,000t concentrated sulfuric acid.



Multifunctional High-efficient Circular Cooler Technology

Multifunctional high-efficient circular cooler is the new type environmental protection technology applied in sinter machine, which is independently researched and developed by NETC. This technology creatively combines the pellet circular cooler technology with the sinter circular cooler technology organically, which conducts all-round innovation for the aspects, i.e., rotary frame structure, pallet technology, sealing type, intelligent detection and control technology, air distribution technology etc., integrating the multifunction of cooling, waste heat recovery, energy saving and environmental protection in one body, which can be not only used for manufacturing of new equipment, but also used for the modification of the traditional sinter circular cooler.


1.520 m2 Multifunctional High-efficient Circular Cooler Project of Lianfeng Iron & Steel Limited Company of Yonggang Group

In April 25th, 2015,520 m2multifunctional high-efficient circular cooler project of Jiangshu Lianfeng Iron & Steel Co. designed and manufactured by NETC was put into hot loaded commissioning successfully with normal equipment operation and all kinds of parameters up to or better than the expected ones.

2.Hangang520m2 Multifunctional High-efficient Circular Cooler Project

3.Anyang Steel Group 415m2 Multifunctional High-efficient Circular Cooler Project

Power Generation by Waste Heat

Power Generation by Waste Heat

600㎡ Sintering Machine Waste Heat Power Generation Project of Rizhao Steel (Yingkou) Co.

It’s a waste heat power plant supplied by single sintering machine with largest installation capacity in China. After completion, annual power generation of the plant was 125.95 million kWh,and annual power supply was 9068 kWh. Thus, 47,700 ton standard coal was saved and 119,250 ton carbon dioxide emission was reduced annually.

Sintering dust pipe flue gas waste heat utilization technology adopted in this project occupies a leading position inChina. With this technology, sintering waste heat utilization ratio hit a new record high, and power generating capacity of the plant was improved to the uttermost. This project was undertaken by NETC on EPC basis .The plant joined the national grid and began generating power in September, 2014.

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Civil Architecture

NETC holds the certificate of national Grade A Qualification Certificate of Engineering Design of Building Industry, which can undertake large industrial and civil buildings engineering design, planning and design for urban and residential areas, indoor and outdoor decoration engineering design, environmental landscape design, and other municipal engineering design. There are nearly a hundred projects designed and built up including high-rise civil buildings, star hotels, large sized shopping malls, office buildings, and stadium, etc., distributed in large and medium-sized cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Kunming, Dalian, Qingdao, and Xiamen etc. and various major iron and steel enterprises.

WankeDongyuanMansion Residence community to the East of Lishan District Government inAnshan Office Campus of NETC
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Thermal Power and Urban Heat Supply

NETC has been engaged in engineering design of thermal power and urban heat supply projects for more than thirty years. The projects have been distributed in more than twenty provinces inChinawith abundant experience in engineering works. The thermal power projects cover various domains including cogeneration, biomass power generation, garbage power generation, blast furnace gas power generation, sintering waste heat power generation, cement kiln waste heat power generation, and glass kiln waste heat power generation etc. More than 300 thermal power plants have been built and put into operation.

Gangue Thermo Power Plant of Heilongjiang Hegang Mining Group Demonstration Project of Inner-Mongolian Xilinguole Germanium-Cogeneration Power Plant Tangyuan Biomass-Cogeneration Power Plant ofHeilongjiangStateGrid
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Engineering Construction Supervision

NETC holds Class A license for supervising building construction, smelting and mine projects with the approval of Ministry of Construction and Class B license for equipment supervision authorized by State Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine and National Development and Reform Commission. Now NETC is a director of China Construction Supervision Association, a deputy director of China Metallurgical Construction Association Supervision Committee and a director of Liaoning Construction Supervision Association.

Caolou 2MTPA Mining Project in Anhui E'zhou 2.5MTPA Pellet Plant Project in Hubei 2.55MTPA Coking Project of Iron and Steel Project of ANSTEEL
Wanke City Phase I Project in Anshan    
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Experimental Study

The Research and Development Center of NETC is a national enterprise technical center. The former of Research and Development Center of NETC was Anshan Ferrous Mine Design and Research Institute of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, which is the earliest large scientific and technological enterprise engaged in test and research of metallurgical mines in china and a top-one-hundred research company of first batch for metallurgical tests inChina. During sixty odd years development, Research and Development Center of NETC has grown into a world well-known large technological research and development enterprise with complete facilities, advanced technologies and professional personnel.

Expanded continuous test equipment of mineral processing Expanded simulation equipment of travelling grate-rotary kiln oxidized pellets Mixer for sintering test
Floatation test room Pellet balling system  
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Core Journals

Journal Mining Engineering

As a core journal (selection) inChina, Mining Engineering is a national journal publicly issued home and abroad. The journal is supervised by NETC and jointly sponsored by NETC and China Metallurgical Mines Association. The journal primarily covers the following columns: economics and management, mineral mining, mineral processing, sintering and pelletizing, safety and environment protection, energy saving, computer application, review of overseas mining industry and so on.

Journal Pelletizing Technology

It’s a provincial journal approved by the Press and Publication Bureau of Liaoning Province. The journal is supervised and organized by NETC, which is known as the leader of pelletizing technology coordination group. It’s a technological journal focusing on pelletizing industry, covering such contents as trends of pelletizing industry, essays presented at national pelletizing technology exchange meeting, technical-economic indicators database research among pelletizing plants throughout the country and so on.